Astronaut Light Projector 2.0 (2023 Edition)

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1 Year Anniversary Promo : FREE Sunset Lamp (Monochrome)

Astronaut Light Projector - Transform your rooms with Nebula & Stars

Create constellations in the comfort of your own home and go to bed under the blanket of nebula and stars. You will be surprise to see your kid look forward to sleep.

With the Astronaut Star Projector Australia, a simple plug-and-play installation that projects an ethereal harmony of the night sky onto whatever surface light can reach, you can quickly change the ambiance of any room. It is your unique universe! The Astronaut Light projector is for you whether you want to host a beautiful party at night or if you want to get cozy.

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 Astronaut Projector! 🚀

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🌟 Amplify any room with magic of universe 🌟

Bring your personal planetarium with you everywhere you go and feel the stress of the day melt away as you watch the stars drift against the nebula cloud. Fall asleep to the peacefulness of the universe with our Astronaut Light projector. With stars and nebula projection, help spark your child interest in science. 
Ideal for any room!

Enhance your "Netflix and Chill" experience... 🤤

While watching your favorite movies, add the magic of nebula and stars to your movie nights and get lost in the cosmos of stars. From the comfort of your couch, adjust the colour, brightness, star and nebula effects!

Improves Sleep quality 😴

Within minutes, your mind will fall off into a blissful deep sleep as you lay in bed and gaze at the slowly moving nebula cloud with stars. With timer function, it will make putting your child to bed easier.

Its your Turn to create a Magical World in your room.

1 Year Anniversary - FREE Sunset Lamp with each new order!

*The FREE Sunset Lamp promotion is for Australian orders only.


What's included in the Package? 🤔

1 x DaStellaGuy Projector
1 x Remote Control (Battery not included)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual