Toilet Plunger Drain Unblocker

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Blast Away Pipe Blockage With This Mighty Tool

No. 1 tool to blast away blockages by yourself

Unclog toilet, sinks or sewer lines can be difficult and time consuming. ClogBlaster gives you a quick and easy way to eliminate debris that’s clogging all your pipes and drains.

This innovative drain cleaner is an all-around plunger and has high efficiency in removing pipe obstructions.Not only does this drain blaster specialize in unclogging your toilet, but it also helps in clearing out your sink of food and other debris.


Easy to Operate - Equip the ClogBlaster with the correct pump head suited for the pipe that needs some unclogging. Solve clogging problems by simply pressing the button with your thumb to release the powerful air pressure.

High-Pressure Discharge - Achieve clog-free pipes in one blow with the help of the ClogBlaster. This functional sewer dredge sends powerful bouts of air that clear away debris from pipes and drainage.

Consume Less Effort - Old plungers strain arm muscles and take a long time to get the job done. ClogBlaster can help you effectively unclog your pipes without having to exert too much effort.

Rechargeable Battery - ClogBlaster does the difficult job of unblocking pipes using its powerful air discharge mechanism. This high-pressure cleaner is integrated with a rechargeable battery that powers the device to perform at the highest level.