Pousbo® NC-559-ASM No-Clean Flux Paste and 10 Milliliters Pneumatic Dispenser (Complete with Plunger & Dispensing Tip)

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Type : 10cc Needle-tube (Red)+Push Rod+Scraper+2pcs Needle

This is an amazing tacky flux for surface mount rework.

We are able to remove and re-solder a number of parts that were impossible using normal liquid flux. Some TSOPs, PLCCs, SSOPs...all were a ton easier to remove and resolder.


* Remove QFDs, PLCCs, SOICs, and chip components without costly equipment

* Use with existing rework equipment or temp-controlled soldering irons

* Special removal alloy has an excellent wetting ability

* Low melting temperature

* Safe, affordable, easy, and won't damage sensitive components


* This product is a no-clean solder paste, with very little residue, without washing.

* The residue is colorless and the transparent appearance is outstanding.

* Excellent printing performance with suitable hand and machine printing.

* Suitable for BGA ball, semiconductor packaging, and repair. Computer motherboard, north and south bridge, communications, graphics, and other BGA apply.

* It is currently the best on the market BGA, CSP reworks help paste. Just apply a little each time.


Model: NC-559-ASM

Color: As Shown

Capacity: 10cc

Flux Paste Material: Rosin

Net Content: 100g

Package Includes: 1* 10cc Needle-tube (Black or Red)+Push Rod+Scraper+2pcs Needle, or 1* 100g Affordable Canned Flux Paste


Please allow slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.