KiddoTeeth ™- 360° Toothbrush For Kids

Save $14.49
Color : Blue
Age : 2-6 years

Having trouble teaching your kids to brush their teeth?

With this koala child toothbrush, your little one will love brushing and do it right!

This toothbrush is made of food grade silicone, safe, hygienic, soft, bite and heat resistant.

Perfect for your child's sensitive gums and teeth.

The U-shape of this smart toothbrush provides full 360° coverage and adapts to the shape and teeth of your children for optimal brushing.

Its attractive design will make brushing your little angel's teeth a pleasure.

The removable toothbrush head design allows you to replace it with a new one for better health and hygiene. Its handle, made of high quality and resistant materials, offers an easy and comfortable grip while brushing your teeth.


This toothbrush is very simple to use:

*Squeeze the toothpaste around the toothbrush

*Place it in the child's mouth

*Wiggle it from side to side

*Rinse it after use.

2 sizes to choose from: Each child has a different oral development, so we have two different brushes that apply to children from 2 to 10 years old!


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